Low Brace Stroke

The low brace is a support stroke. It is mostly used:

  • To counter imbalance and prevent capsize. 
  • To stay upright when broached in small or medium waves. 

The key to this stroke is coordinating paddle use and body movement. Its effectiveness doesn’t rely on strength.

 Technique Tips Practice Drills

Practice Drills

  • A second person can stand at the back of the kayak and tip the kayak to either side while still providing support. This allows you to practice the recovery using the low brace without the fear of capsizing.
  • Progress to the person at the back tipping the kayak without providing support. 
  • Practice your low brace skills in small surf by paddling parallel to the breaking waves. Wear a helmet. Be aware of the risks to yourself and others and manage the risk. It is much safer to develop your low brace surf skills with the assistance of an experienced sea-kayaker. 
  • Remember to practice your low brace support stroke on both sides.
  • Practice performing the low brace stroke from a gentle edged position. Progress to practicing with a more aggressive edge and, ultimately, practice to the point of capsize. 
  • How much of your spray skirt can you submerge in the water before going over?

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