Self Rescue

Self rescue is a method of getting yourself back into the kayak after capsizing.  This is essential if you plan to paddle alone.

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Scramble or 'cowboy' self rescue

After your wet exit, the scramble rescue can be broken into the following stages:

Flip the kayak upright

  • Put one hand either side of the cockpit coaming.
  • Flip the kayak quickly, pulling with the away-side hand, and pushing upwards with the near-side hand. This minimises the amount of water retained. 
  • If an electric pump is fitted, turn it on as soon as the kayak is upright (water in the cockpit destabilises the kayak).
  • Hold onto your kayak at all times and ensure your paddle is secured.


  • Position yourself between the cockpit and the stern.
  • Hold onto the decklines on the far side of the kayak and float your legs behind you so that you are at 90 degrees to your kayak, forming a T-shape.
  • Push the kayak down and seal launch yourself with a strong kick of the legs to get your tummy lying across the back deck.


  • Swivel around so that you face forward with your legs straddling the kayak for stability.
  • Pull yourself forward until you are in a position to re-enter the cockpit.
  • Stay low.


  • Get into the seat quickly (to keep your centre of gravity low). Your size, balance, flexibility, the size of your cockpit opening, etc. will influence how you do this.
  • Once you are in a position to re-enter the cockpit, sit up with your legs straddling the kayak.
  • If your cockpit is big enough, slide your backside into the seat, then your legs, one at a time.
  • If this is not possible, sit on your back deck, put your feet in and then slide into the seat.
  • Move as quickly and as smoothly as possible.
  • You can use your paddle for additional support during the re-entry stage.
  • Once back in your seat, re-attach your spray skirt, and retrieve your paddle.
  • If you don't have an electric pump you may need to hand pump to minimise the risk of re-capsize. During this time you will be vulnerable, with the skirt off and your hands on the pump rather than the paddle.
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