Sea Skills

Paddle Australia Sea skills qualification is aimed at getting paddlers able to plan and conduct personal sea kayaking trips.  Members who have obtained Sea Skills, which is the club Paddler Grade 3 level, are considered to have the skill, knowledge and experience to undertake open sea trips safely and the ability to contribute to group safety.  It is also a significant step towards achieving club leadership qualifications.

The time needed to develop skills depends on the individual’s time, availability, base skill set and dedication. Typically, it can take members around two years to develop the skills and knowledge to attain sea skills.  The great thing is that you learn while out paddling. 

The assessment process includes demonstration of on water paddling skills in open sea conditions and small surf, including a kayak roll, and also preparing a trip plan and knowledge tests.  There is a minimum log book requirement to complete as well.

 What is involved is outlined in the NSWSKC Sea Skills Assessment Guide.

The club developed a Sea Skills Study Guide  to assist members with the knowledge components of the assessment.  The Training Coordinator can organise access to Australian Canoeing training material.

In some cases, assessors conduct a review session before final assessment to give feedback on the current level of practical, on-water skills and an outline of additional requirements needed to substantiate the AC Sea Skills application.     

For additional information, the go to the Paddle Australia Award Scheme, then select the “Sea Kayaking” menu and expand on Sea Skills. 

The  PA qualification lasts 3 years.  Re-registration is free for skills qualification holders who use Paddlelog.

Contact the club Training Coordinator to register your interest in obtaining sea skills. 

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