Wet Exit

Practice getting out of your kayak when it is upside down so you can calmly exit your kayak when you capsize.

It is essential that you can remove your spray skirt while upside down

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Practice Drills

To practice wet exits:

  • Make sure the water is deep enough and that you are close to shore.
  • Always have someone else in the water to assist you.
  • Sit in your kayak, make sure your skirt grab handle is within reach, lock your knees under the deck, take a breath and lean to one side until you roll over.
  • Once upside down, take stock of things and calmly run through the wet exit routine.

 When you have mastered wet exiting you can practice it without using the grab handle:

  • Grab the skirt material in front of your waist.
  • Bunch it up and pull the skirt away from the kayak until you break the seal.
  • You may then need to run your hand between the coaming and the skirt to fully remove the skirt.

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