Membership Information

Things to know:

Club memberships expire on the 31st of December each year.  

  • Current Membership fees are:
    • Full-year Membership $90
    • Full-year Additional Family Member $50
    • 10 Year Member (continuous membership at least 10 years) $85
    • Active Leader Member  (see details below) $50
  • Membership can be renewed in advance from the 1st of November
  • A new member taking up a Full-year Membership after June 30 can apply to the Treasurer for a $40 rebate on the full-year fee
  • New full memberships purchased after October 30 will include the next full membership year.
  • Additional Family membership is available to members living at the same address as a current Full Member.  The Additional Member must have their own login and register separately as a member.  Additional Family Members will not receive a copy of Salt.
  • Households with more than one member and where all the members at that address are paying a reduced membership fee will receive only one copy of Salt.
  • A temporary membership is available ($15) to allow visiting paddlers  or paddlers considering membership to take part in a Club paddle or event. The membership is valid for 30 days and is allowable no more than once in a 12 month period.
  • All fees are subject to review and change by the Club Committee.  

Other information:

  • We collect limited personal information consistent with our obligations as a registered association and to assist in safely conducting Club activities.  See our Privacy Policy for further information on how we use this information.
  • The club does not own sea kayaks or other equipment members for members to borrow.  Equipment requirements are outlined here.  
  • Information on other Membership Benefits can be found here.

To join as a new member:

Create an account.  Go to this page then follow the next steps from there.

    To renew as an existing member:

    You need to be logged in before you can renew your membership. Simply click on your name on top of the screen (Home Page). Once there follow the screen instructions. You can also go to your Profile here and renew your membership.

    Reduced Membership fee for Active Club leaders

    Available to members in any of the following groups.  

    • Trip leaders who have led 5 or more trips over the previous  year.
    • Current committee members.
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