The Coast Boast

This is a competition being run over four consecutive issues of Salt.  It commences with the March 2017 issue (#104).  It’s a great opportunity for you to test your knowledge of the NSW coast, your observation skills and, maybe, your memory.  

 The objective of the competition is for you to identify as many locations as you can of where the 6 pictures appearing in the related issue of Salt were taken.  In all cases the pictures will have been shot at a NSW location at which the Club has conducted a trip, training activity, Rock and Roll event or Navigation Challenge over the last 5 years.

 The member who correctly identifies the most locations over the four issues is the winner and, apart from boasting rights, will be the recipient of a gift voucher to the value of $400 kindly donated by Prokayaks at Narrabeen . 


 The caption to the picture below is an example of the type of answer we are seeking.  Alternatively, answers expressed in latitude and longitude, rounded off to the nearest minutes, are acceptable.  


Corrigans Beach, Batehaven looking out to Snapper Island and beyond towards North Head, Batemans Bay


(alternatively, 35°44’S, 150°12’E)


The competition’s first 6 pictures are here:  (Note you must be a financial member and logged in to see the images).  

To help get things going we have provided a written clue (perhaps a little cryptic) for the first six locations.  Don’t expect this to be a regular feature as the competition progresses. 

Include the location number alongside each of your answers and email them to the competition coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) no later than the copy deadline of the following issue of Salt.  Locations will be revealed and results published in the following issue of Salt with scores accumulating from issue to issue.  The winner of the competition will be announced at Rock and Roll 2018.  A sudden death tie breaker will be used in the event of more than one member achieving the highest number of correct answers.

 Participation in the competition is restricted to members of the NSW Sea Kayak Club.  Members of the Club’s committee and the competition coordinator are precluded from entering. 

 Any member appearing in any of the pictures may include the related location as one of his or her answers (a memory challenge?).

 Send us your pics

Members are encouraged to submit photographs to the competition coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for consideration as being suitable for inclusion in the competition, however, acceptance of such pictures will be restricted to one per issue of Salt per contributor. 

 Acceptance of any submissions does not preclude the contributor from including the location as one of his/her answers.  The same applies to any Club members who appear in any of the pictures.

 Any pictures used in the competition have to be taken in an area in which the NSWSK Club has conducted an activity such as trips, training activities, Rock and Roll events or Navigation Challenges – over the last 5 years.  They should show an identifiable feature (even though one might need to look hard to find it!).  Shorelines, significant rock formations (such as islands, stacks, hollows, caves, arches, etc), land forms (dominant peaks, unusual contours, ridgelines), buildings, training walls and signage are examples of such features.