What's On

Please be aware of the following:

To participate in any club trip or training, you must be a financial member.  

  • You should register your interest in joining a club event online (except for most weekly trips).  Please ensure you are a current financial member and logged in.
  • Trip leaders conducting regular weekly trips maintain their own communication list.  Check the "Details" about the process.
  • You should read the full event details before registering your interest.
  • Due to changes in weather and sea conditions, details of a trip may change.  The trip leader will determine the most appropriate group of paddlers for the trip and registration of interest will not guarantee that you can participate in the event.  After registration, the trip leader will contact you with further details.
  • In most circumstances, however, participation will be on a first in, first served basis, so register early.
  • Trips can be postponed, cancelled or the details may change. Ensure that you review trip communications.
  • If a trip is oversubscribed, the organiser may maintain a waiting list.
  • See Why Can't I register for trips for further information on the registration system or troubleshooting.


Event Categories

When you navigate to the Club Events you will see a sequential list of all club events.  To help you filter events posted have categories being:

  • Regular:  Used for weekly recurring events.
  • One off Events:  Used for ongoing trips and training events.
  • Expeditions:  These are multi-day trips.   There can be associated planning meetings and pre-trip paddles to sort out logistics, paddler expectations, knowledge and skill set, equipment et cetera.
  • Rock'n' Roll:  used for events conducted over the Rock'N'Roll

Rock'n' Roll is our annual big club meeting.  Lots of trips on the water, socialising.  We have had 150 to 200 members attend Rock'n'Roll each year.  Due to the number of sub-events it has it's own category.

External events are published with basic information of event, brief description and a link to the event website. These are generally community events that welcome sea kayakers to paddle in their sea kayaks which we hope are of interest to our members.