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Brand New Raider X demo boat save $1000

You may have cast a lusty glance at the new Raider X's on display at RnR.

I have a demo model ready for sale and vastly reduced price. Fully kitted out with sail and pump fittings, you'll save four figures. This is a one-off.

If interested drop me a line mark(at) or call 0417 371 071

Greenland Paddle - hot as!

Get wood; enhance your quiver with this seal-scaring stick!

New, unused Greenland 184cm storm paddle, still full of that sexy linseed smell. Seriously, if it smelled any better a polar bear would be following it.

Made in Canada with hand-made tools wrought skillfully by men with layers of blubber on their deeply lined faces and the kind of know-how that makes Westerners deeply uncomfortable. Never been removed from it's bag which obviously was made from sun dried walrus tusk, spun by red cheeked children under the midnight sun.

RRP $310. Yours 50% of that. Not bad for brand spanking. (Not that I've used it for that of course..ahem)..

Located in Qqøqklrarkty (traditional name for Sydney Eastern Suburbs).

For photos see my listing on the sea kayak (sorry, kajaq) forum

mark(at) or 0417 371 071

Thule Bars with twin kayak cradles

Thule bars with twin kayak cradles and tie downs. The bars are lockable for security purposes.
They were originally on my Honda Jazz and so the mounting feet were for that car (and perhaps other similar compacts).
They cost over $650 new, I would be happy with $150.
Here are some other data I have on them:
The model number of the bars is:  AB5-24592
Foot Pack GL754
Bar Pack GL869 (127cm)
Fit Kit 1465 (this is the part that may need to change to suit a different vehicle)
Contact me on  <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

P&H Quest - $2,500 ONO

This is a high quality English sea kayak, arguably the best build quality available.

This kayak has white deck and white hull with red trim.  Kayak is in excellent condition, always been stored indoors and comes with numerous extras including electric pump with air switch and battery in waterproof box, deck mounted Silva compass, kevlar keel wear strip, under deck net for storing gear in the cockpit, above deck net for keeping gear safe in surf and both a rudder and a skeg.  The rudder is a Seal Line fast track system that can be adjusted from inside the cockpit.  You can use the rudder or skeg or neither and change while paddling to suit conditions. Manufacturing quality is top class with all mountings for deck fittings being encapsulated nuts rather than having bolts penetrating the hull.

The kayak also has a second foam Nadgee type seat that can be easily exchanged for the original seat.  The original seat is too small for my fat backside so it has hardly been used.  The original seat would suit most people.   

Specifications from the website are length 5.36 m, width 56 cm weight 28.2 kg.  Kayak has 3 hatches with Kajak Sport hatch covers.  Also from the website   

"Ideal for longer open sea crossings and expeditions the Quest has a lengthened waterline producing an elegantly hand crafted and quick accelerating hull. 

Experienced sea kayakers will thrive in leaning it over to execute perfect carves and turns whilst maintaining speed for smooth transitions through choppy waters.

Easy to get into and instantly feel at home in and due to its handling top instructors throughout the world find the Quest to be a favourite choice amongst themselves and course students."

A spray skirt to suit the kayak is available if required at additional cost.  

Asking $2,500 ONO. 

Please contact Bill Thompson on 0408 697 617 or william.thompso(at)  Note there is no "n" at the end of my email address.   


Surf Kayak - New Mega X-Ray - Make an Offer

Surf Kayak Mega XRay Roto Moulded.   

This is a brand new kayak that has never been used.  I won it in a raffle but I am too big to get into it so I am inviting offers from anyone interested in owing a new surf kayak at a great price. 

This is a high quality roto moulded kayak that would suit a paddler in the weight range 60 - 80 kg.   This model of kayak  won a world championship and was so popular in composite construction that a RM model was also produced.  This kayak is rhe RM version which means it is virtually indestructible.  Colour is mainly white with light blue swirls and patches. 

Recommended Retail Price is $1,400.  This is an opportunity to get a brand new kayak at a great price - make an offer.

Contact Bill Thompson Ph 0408 697 617

email: william.thompso(at) 

Note that there is no "n" at the end of thompson in my email address.