Renew in Advance

Why?  Get it done with, be able to register for 2018 events when scheduled.

Additional Family membership must be renewed under their log-in.


If you believe you are eligible for half-price membership,  follow these instructions.  

For most members, the steps to renew are:

  1. Login if not already logged in
  2. Go to Your Current Subscriptions.
  • Active subscriptions show in Green,  expired in Red.
  • If an additional family member is showing here, do not renew if you are not logged in as that member

3.  Click on the Green Text too bring up the option to Renew in Advance.

From here, you can follow the prompts.  The remaining steps are:

4.  Review the purchase information.  If a discount applies, select the reason.  Agree to Terms and Conditions and click Renew

5.  Complete the payment via PayPal.