New Members

To join as a new member:

There are two to three steps.  

  1. Review our Membership Information page
  2. Create an account.  Go to this page then select "Register".
  3. You need to be logged in for the next step.  Go to the Login.   There is an option to be reminded of your login details if required.
  4. When logged in you can purchase the appropriate membership (note A).  You may do this by visiting this page to purchase a club membership using our secure and comfortable online payment system.  Agree to terms and conditions.


Note A:  New members joining will need a Single Membership.  If you are purchasing an additional family member, create a unique login associated with a different email address following steps 1 to 3.  At step 4 select Additional Family Membership.  Agree to terms and conditions and at the prompt type in the name of the primary member to whom any hard copies of Salt will be sent to.