Jervis Bay with Les 22-28 May 2017

Location: Jarvis Bay
Date: 22nd May to 28 May
Grades 1 to 3
Contact Les @0419900715
After Harry's paddle at Jervis Bay (20-21 May) I will be staying for the week and paddling from one of the Caravan parks each day. If anyone wants to join me they can camp at the park for as long as you like or just do day trips. Paddles will be planned  to suite the group and weather. If the weather is not suited to paddling then I will be mountain biking in the area so if you have a bike bring it. Paddles could vary from cliff line to Bay watching whales and instruction will be offered as requested. If you are a level 1 paddler please ring and discuss how we will cater for your needs or how we will bring you up a level.
Most paddles will start at 10.00 to help make it easier for day paddlers and the mornings are colder with the sun getting up later. Days will finish around 3.00 so we have time to shower and get organized for dinner Red Wine and stories in the evenings. If you don't have stories just make one up.
The aim is to have fun ( all paddles should be higher than 6 on the fun meter) develop group dynamics and share knowledge. The paddles will be crusey with frequent stops and playing in spots when the opportunity arises. Lunch will long enough to get out the stove and cook up a coffee etc as paddling is a lifestyle not an exercise routine.
Ring me any time to discuss.