Club paddling Weekend - 20-21st May, Jervis Bay

When: 20-21 May 2017
Where:  Jervis Bay
Grades 2 and 3

Based in Honeymoon Bay - the pearl of Jervis Bay - the paddlers will explore the magnificent features of the area over two days of paddling. Seals and dolphins often make appearances here; whales may well add to the excitement this time of the year!  

Should if fit the group and conditions, we may choose to mix in some engaging training exercises to mix things up; or, we may simply choose to cruise and enjoy the sea.  The emphasis will be on paddling and working together, perhaps brushing up on some skills but definitely gaining some 'sea' time. It's not about racing to the end. 


Paddling is on the menu for both Saturday and Sunday.  If you can only make one of the days it will probably be OK but please email organiser prior to booking.  

Grade 2-3 welcome.  Note: all need to present kayak to Grade 2 minimum (check club website); note that paddling along long exposed stretches of cliffy coastline for may be expected.  If this sounds intimidating, contact organiser to discuss. If you're Grade 1, but think you're up to it, contact the organiser (before booking).

Come along to make this a classic Club weekend. Car based camping and socialising on both Friday and Saturday nights - should be fun.   Bring cooking gear, food, nibbles and drink to share; good humour - and willingness to risk getting wet.

Note: camping in Honeymoon Bay cannot be booked beforehand; it is on first-come basis on the day.


Gear: all the paddling gear you have, including a helmet, first aid, rescue aids, etc.  Camping gear to be self-sufficient.

Your leader will be Harry Havu, You can contact Harry by e-mail harryhavu (at)