The Rock'n'Roll weekend is an annual weekend of trips, entertainment, training and socialising.

Only members of the NSWSKC are eligible to participate in the water activities of the Rock'n'Roll.   Information on joining is here.

Rock'n'Roll 2017

Roll and Roll 2017

Friday March 10 to Monday March 13 2017, Batemans Bay

Come and experience the joviality, the trips, the training and the stories at our club’s annual event.  The finer details are being sorted out such as the club registration charge and schedule.   Ink the dates on your calendar!  

Registration cost will be determined when we have a better idea of the program.  It is to be set at a price to break even.  Notification of when registration is open will be by email will be sent to club members in January 2017.

The program is in the development stage.  If you have any suggestions or ideas please contact our Rock 'N' Roll coordinator Simon Swifte.    


Accommodation costs are to be paid directly to Batemans Bay Beach Resort, club registration costs are not finalised.

Rock and Roll coordinator team, being Simon Swifte and Neil Gow, have negotiated a 10% discount for NSWSKC members to stay at the Batemans Bay Beach Resort.  You will need to call 1800 217 533 as the web based bookings have no way to identify you as a member.  Address is "Big4 Batemans Bay Beach Resort,  51 Beach Road, Batehaven NSW 2536".    Full prices are:  cabins $200 per night, powered sites $40 per night and unpowered sites $32 per night.  Additional cars $8.


For campers the RNR marquee and commercial display area will be in 801 - 804 and 820 to 823 unpowered sites. The well appointed and spacious camp kitchen is adjacent to the 700 sites.  Vehicles are not allowed on the 800, 700 and 600 sites, although there is adequate adjacent parking. Vehicles are allowed on the 900 unpowered sites.