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NDK/SKUK Greenlander Pro - $1700 - SOLD

For sale: Nigel Dennis GreenlanderPro Sea Kayak
$1700 Neg
Greelander Pro by SKUK in excellent condition.
White Deck/Black Seam/White Hull

Length 5.4m
Beam 54.5cm
Depth 33cm

Keyhole cockpit
Quality Sea-toSummit spray-deck
Factory-fitted, foot-operated (Chimp) bilge pump
Factory-fitted SILVA compass
New decklines and bungies
New KajakSport & VCP hatch covers
Kari-Tek retractable skeg

contact dirk.logemann[AT]

The kayak is stored on the Central Coast (NSW) but I work in Sydney during the week (Rozelle area) and can take it in on my car if interested

Information on the NDK Greenlander Pro:

The Greenlander Pro is a hard-chined, fish-form design that tracks extremely well and is great in a following sea. It has excellent secondary stability and is able to carry a decent load for multi-day trips.

The kayak can be seen on Justine Curgenven's DVD "This is the Sea" circumnavigation of Tasmania, along with 2 NDK Explorers.

Some very favourable reviews by experienced paddlers are here:

NDK/SKUK say: "The fastest kayak in our fleet. This expedition kayak is ideally suited for the medium sized paddler and the low volume helps the lighter kayaker control the kayak in windy conditions.

The kayak has a low rear deck for easy rolling, a keyhole cockpit that gives excellent grip, control and allows quick exit if need be. The sloping bulkhead behind the seat, allows the kayak to be emptied by lifting only the bow, no x-rescue is necessary.

An expedition kayak for the medium sized paddler, length: 540 cm, width: 54.5 cm, depth: 33 cm, overall volume: 296 litres, front hatch volume: 66 litres, cockpit volume: 145 litres, day hatch volume: 34 litres, rear hatch volume: 51 litres."

NADGEE SOLO - Sea Kayak *** SOLD ***

*** SOLD  ****

AUD 2,150 (without sail)

Great allrounder. The NADGEE SOLO is designed and built in Australia. It is a fast and very reliable sea kayak with plenty of secondary stability. It always looks after the paddler, even if the conditions get rough. The shape of the kayak is the Swede form like modern surfskis.

The kayak is in a very good condition. I washed it after each paddle and always stored it under cover. There are minor sctraches on the hull.

It is very well equipped:
* electrical bilge pump and battery
* deck lines
* Shock cords in the cockpit
* Metal rudder
* All fittings for a sail. The sail itself is not included and would be available for an additional AUD 250 or you can use any FlatEarth or SeaDog sail.
* Laminated keel protection tape

Length 5.30 m
Width 57 cm


Greenland Rolling Kayak - Betsie Bay - $700

For sale: Betsie Bay - Dedicated Inuit Rolling Kayak
Length: 15'11"
Beam: 20"
Weight: Rather light (I'm guessing around 17-18kg)

This kayak is a minimalist design. It exists purely for rolling and is a beauty in excellent condition.
Betsie Bay Kayaks are a hand-built, American kayak. Most are timber/composite, this one is a composite layup

Front and rear bulkheads, minicell seat, 6" deck plates in fore and aft compartments, Keeper footrests, toggles and front deck paddle loops.

contact dirk.logemann[AT] for info & photos

Seals surf 1.4 kayak skirt

Hi I have a seals surf 1.4 kayak skirt for sale, it was bought new 2yrs ago and has never been used. $100 new, looking for $50, open to offers. Check out this link for sizing; for sizing details for your kayak.


charlie 0404721821

Nadgee Roaring 40 - $2100 Neg

For sale: Nadgee Roaring 40 Kayak
Fast Touring Kayak
$2100 Neg

Length 5.5m
Beam 52.5cm
Weight 23Kg

* Electric Bilge pump

* Fitted for sail

* Deck Netting

* Skeg/Daggerboard

* Retractable Rudder (safely housed in rear deck slot when retracted)

**includes: brand new neoprene spray-deck

contact dirk.logemann[AT]