For Sale

Tiderace Xcite "S"

For Sale Tiderace Xcite "S" Kayak suited to smaller paddlers up to 80 kilos, 5 m X 50 cm,Weight 22.2 Kilos,very easy to handle off the water. Highly manouverable,excellent for surfing and is an outstanding rolling kayak. Red and black deck,white hull,in very good condition,classic Tiderace high quality construction and exceptionaly strong, $3850 . Call Tim 91811907. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dagger Trinidad

For Sale - Double Sea Kayak

The perfect family kayak or house guest's/friends - robust, stable - totally non confronting kayaking!


What you will get;

·      Stability - arguably the most stable craft Linda and I have ever owned.

·      Two entry level paddles – split and feather adjustable

·      Two neoprene spray decks (brand new)

·      A storage bag (home made)

·      Load capacity and room - very spacious seating for either front or rear seat. A large central storage hatch (between the two paddlers) is ready for your camping gear, picnic hampers or dog.

·     Flip down rudder with controls from rear seat.

Ring Jonathan Swain on 9979 4098 or 0419 232 913



Priced to sell at $1500.




Valley Etain 17-3 sea kayak for sale. Excellent condition. Vacuum infused carbon/kevlar layup. Yellow hull and white deck. 525cm long and 53.5cm wide. Suits paddler 50 to 75kg. Great day and expedition boat. Stable, runs straight, turns easily.Expedition fit out with 'Whale Supersub' 500 gph bilge pump with pneumatic switch; tow point; fit out for sail (sail not included); Silva 70p deck compass. This is my own personal kayak and is stored inside. Over $5,000 to replace; but selling for $4,100. Email Sharon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details. There is a review and photos on the website

Mitchell Blades kayak paddle.

Carbon cranked shaft, carbon blade.

Classic Touring Voyager.

 205 to 210 length tip to tip adjustable.

Cranked shaft, 29.5/32.5 mm diameter.

 Split with Allen key socket screw fixing.

Any feather may be set.

Allen key included.

 Blade area 610 cm2.                                                                                   

Weight 910 g.

 Link to high resolution photos on dropbox:

 Location near Parramatta, Sydney.

 Price $280

 Roy or Bronwyn 0414 878 823

Email: roydavies3[at], Parramatta, NSW

Horizon Double, Expedition Sea Kayak

Sail and electric pumps.

Yellow fibreglass deck and white fibreglass hull, reinforced double seam joint. 

Hull is strong, stiff and stable.  You can relax on rough water. 

Good condition with new sail.  Kept in garage.

Length 6.38m plus 10cm rudder, beam 74 cm, depth 32 cm and 38kg plus 5kg accessories.

 Solar panel to charge battery for multi-day trips

4.5W solar panel and Dolfin waterproof box with solar charge regulator, 12V, 4.2 Ah, 20 h SLA battery, fuse, auto socket (to suit USB phone or camera charger) and space for phone/camera. 

Battery isolator switch to avoid battery discharge in the garage. 

 Four bulkheads: bow hold, front cockpit, centre hold, rear cockpit and stern hold, five water tight safety buoyancy pockets.

Each cockpit has a powerful 800 gph electric bilge pump and air switch.  After a self-rescue it takes only a couple of minutes to empty.

From full charge both pumps can run for over an hour.

 Lots of carrying capacity in the rear, front and centre hatches.

Volume litres: front 65, front cockpit 175, centre 80, rear cockpit 195, rear 90, total 605.

 The Horizon is built for true expedition and touring sea kayaking.

The deck has perimeter deck lines, bungy straps and many other tie down points. 

These are particularly useful for self rescue on the high seas.

Fittings are recessed and integrated into the deck.


Hatch covers are in excellent condition.


This boat has paddled the Great Barrier Reef at the Whitsundays, Bass Strait.


Flip up aluminium trailing rudder makes sailing easy to maintain a heading. 

This kayak can be steered without the rudder. 

The rudder can be set partially down for cruising.

Fully down works well in choppy seas and surf.


Foot pegs / rudder are adjustable.


Each cockpit has an under deck large adjustable net to carry on water needs and bungy straps on the hull between your legs for water bottle, flares (not included).


Flat Earth CZ100 sail ($440) is near new, quality reinforced real sail material, has storage cover and is 1 square metre.  We have sailed at 14 kph / 8 knots.

Sail may be partially furled/tied to the mast to reduce catch to two thirds. 

From the front cockpit the sail is easily raised or furled and stowed under a bungy.


There are bungies to stow one paddle.  One photo shows the paddle stowed.

Paddle is not included with the kayak but is for separate sale.


Stern has had fibre glass repair.



 Mirage Kayak Buddy trolley, pulls apart to fit inside hatch.


Over $5100 of kayak and accessories. Sale price $2950.

Location near Parramatta, Sydney.


Selling because we have too many kayaks and not enough garage.

Link to high resolution photos on dropbox:


Roy or Bronwyn 0414 878 823

Email: roydavies3[at]


Parramatta, NSW