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2 x Nadgee Roaring 40 seakayaks

All white NADGEE Roaring 40 sea kayak
I made this for a customer some time ago but on pulling from the mould the kayak had a manufacturing fault causing slight blistering over the hull (only the hull not deck) in the gel coat ,I replaced the customers with a another but have this for sale .
I have sanded all the blisters out of the hull and then re sprayed gel coat (3 layers as per normal ) and then lightly sanded this back to a smooth surface , in fact it would be pretty hard to pick it from gel coat in the mould.
The best of the best materials used throughout a real standout in this particular and way more than I usually do 

Vinyl Ester in Epoxy resin 
The hull has Carbon fibre cloth over Carbon Fibre double Bias resulting in one very strong lightweight hull 
The deck is in Carbon/kevlar perfect for a deck of a kayak for keeping weight down and more than strong enough for a good deck 
This particular R40 has a skeg more forward than a traditional skeg positioning to act more as a keel for sailing than a skeg but still works well as a skeg in downwind conditions 

The R40 comes standard with rear and forward deck Netting , sail fittings , all you need to do is pick your sail and mount the rest is there 
Large Oval hatches forward and aft with standard round 8" hatch behind paddler and small day hatch in front of paddler with access to under deck storage 
recessed deep draught rudder
recessed compass mount 
spare paddle tie down points 
tow points 
everything is recessed along the deck lines inc compass in case of bail out, nothing will get damaged 
waterproof compartments all round 

Im selling this as a second hand boat due to the repair I've had to do so being upfront , everything will be brand new on this and just waiting on the customer to choose a few fit out options 
for sale for $3900 

2nd Nadgee Roaring 40 
Olive Green Deck in Carbon Kevlar 
Sand Hull in standard glass laup up 

as above but is second hand , comes with Electric bilge pump , skeg( as above) and all standard features 
light use, nice looking boat, well fitted out quick sale ..$2500 

Did i mention fast ...bloody fast , great handling in all conditions but not for the novice 

photos on request
email best details on webpage


Kayak - Point 65 Whisky 16 Sea Kayak, Swedish built.

Approx 4 years old in good condition with slight wear and tare, always garaged and hosed after use, perfect for harbour and ocean paddling,suitable for sub 90kg paddlers.

cockpit and mid hatch.JPG

inside cockpit.JPG

side elevation 2.JPG


side elevation 4.JPG

Includes carbon rudder and in built skeg.

RRP $3750.

Length 489cm, Width 56cm, Weight 25kg., 4 storage compartments.

Rough waters – smooth paddling  - The Whisky 16 is an agile touring kayak developed by Nigel Foster. A spirited playboat for coastal waters, the Whisky 16, with its fuller bow and stern shape to reduce plunging, is designed with rough water, surf and current in mind, and for exciting coastal touring near the impact zones.

On gentler waters, here is a comfortable easily maneuvered and stable craft to inspire confidence. It is an ideal boat in which to develop skills. With capacity for day trips, yet spacious enough for a few days of self-contained expedition paddling, the Whisky 16 comes into its own for exploring narrow passages and negotiating awkward corners where nimble turning is a delight.

The Whisky 16 is manufactured with vacuum-bagged fiberglass strengthened with honeycombed core-matt for improved rigidity and lightness. It has two large oval hatches; aft and bow, and a large round day hatch behind the cockpit for access to items while on the water. In addition, the Whisky hatch, a smaller round hatch in front of the cockpit opens to an under-deck compartment you might use for small items.

The padded cockpit comes fitted with an ergonomically designed seat which provides excellent support as well as providing the close contact needed when rough-water playing, and a highly functional back support that offers great comfort and lumbar support.

The Whisky 16 is standard fitted with a retractable skeg and footrests. It is also available with an optional rudder control system.  Video -

Contact Adrian on 0478 487 881.

2 sea kayaks Boreal Design

2 Boreal Design Baffin P2, 17 feet, almost brand new. Did 30 days around Tasmania last month. 

1600$ each negotiable

+ 2 C Kayak paddles aluminum and plastic 220cm 100$ each

2 neoprene spray skirts (4 years old) Boreal Design 40$ and 20$

Paddle float and pump 60$

For sale in Bondi Beach

email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rob McLean

Excellent condition with a few minor marks on bottom of hull. Length 4930 mm, Beam 580 mm, weight 26 kg. Colour Red / polyethylene. Made by Challenge Kayaks New Zealand. 

Based on 'Greenland' kayak and has above average hull speed and low drag - tracks really well and is a stable boat for beginner through to experienced paddler. Two stowage compartments with neoprene hatch covers and polyethylene outer covers. 

Has unique footbrace/rudder bar steering system which allows easy and quick adjustment of rudder bar while on the water.  This is great for multiple users/family use.  Retractable rudder and will flip up automatically if you happen to hit anything. 

Double bulk heads and totally waterproof. has adjustable backrest and padded seat which are very comfortable.  All ropes and bungy cords in good condition. Comes with Skee paddle. 

The kayak has always been garaged and washed down after every use. Much loved but must go as no longer used and need to make garage space.

$1200 negotiable can send pictures on request.

Ring or txt Rob 0401 916249 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mirage 530 Kevlar Single Sea Kayak

 ( excellent condition) Sydney Location

Purchased May 2014 lifetime warranty transferable. Used only a few occasions . Undercover storage. Illness has forced sale.

Current retail $3,400 without accessories

Included in sale;

Swell paddle and leash

Solution skirt FlexFit

Solution bilge pump

Solution paddle float

more information 0419 486 820