Membership Information

Things to know:

  • The Club offers a yearly membership.
  • All memberships expire on January 1 each year, except when purchased after November 1st. In this case, the membership expires the following January.
  • The club does not own sea kayaks or other equipment to loan to members.  Members must supply their own.  Links can various outfitters can be found here.  Membership Benefits are here.
  • To pay for membership the club uses PayPal. 
  • Single membership for 2017 is $85.  If you have a special other and do not want your own copy of Salt you may buy an Additional family membership for $45.  
  • Each Additional family member must have their own logon and must register as a member independently then buy the additional family membership which is then linked to the primary member.
  • Long term members, being membership is who have purchased 10 years of more of single membership can apply for a half price discount on the full single membership price.
  • Club trip leaders/instructors who run five or more club on-water activities annually — membership fees are $42.50.
  • Interstate Sea Kayak Club members:  Rock 'N' Roll period only fee $10.
  • All fees are subject to review and change by the Club. 
  • We collect personal information to satisfy our Association obligations and assist in running our club.  See our Privacy Policy for further information on how we use this information.

To join as a new member:

There are two to three steps.  

  1. Create an account.  Go to this page then select "Register".
  2. You need to be logged in for the next step.  Go to the Login.   There is an option to be reminded of your login details if required.
  3. When logged in you can purchase the appropriate membership.  You may do this by visiting this page to purchase a club membership using our secure and comfortable online payment system.  Note that most new members joining will need a Single Membership.  

To renew as an existing member:

- Click here to Renew (Note: you need to be logged in)


Please be advised that club volunteers process each application for membership manually. Acknowledging your membership and sending out new member packs can take up to one month.

(1) If you do not register additional family members separately on the website but add additional memberships to the main user id, then the additional family member cannot register for trips.